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boob tape

To ensure that you feel confident while wearing a stunning outfit, use our soft and stretchy boob tape. Designed to either cover or lift them, or to flatten or boost them. This multi-functional and long-lasting tape will stick with you while you create everlasting memories.


Try this boob tape in combination with our nipple covers for total coverage.



Looks can be deceiving with these smooth nipple covers that feel like second skin. These adhesive covers are perfect when wearing semi-sheer or thin fabric or when simply looking for extra coverage. They may look like drops, but they definitely won’t drop when it’s hot. They are water and sweat resistant, so you can count on full coverage for up to 9 hours.


Try combining our nipple covers with our boob tape for total coverage.

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LITCHY is like tape: it fixes everything. With our double-sided fashion tape, you can keep your head up high and feel confident, comfortable and LIT. The tape is easily attached to your skin and will make sure that your outfit stays in place for up to 9 hours. No more worrying about potential wardrobe malfunctions.

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Put your hands up in the air without a single care with our comfortable sweat pads. These strong adhesive pads are easily attached to the inside of your clothing and offer full protection from stains. They are invisible and absorbent, making sure that you won’t sweat, but sparkle.