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  • Be set in the blink of an eye.

  • A range of exclusive brands.

  • To reserve a dress visit our store.

  • Pay the amount of the dress in advance to reserve it.

  • Normal dresses: €55 - €85.

  • Exclusive dresses €85 +

  • Dry cleaning included.

rental period.png
  • 3 days.

  • Each day extra = + 10% of  the rental price.


If you want to explore all of our dresses or you’re looking for personal advice, feel free to swing by. We would love to help you find your perfect LITCHY dress, even for that same evening.


If you already know what you want to wear on a specific day, you can make a reservation by visiting the store and paying the rental price in advance. When the day comes, your dress will be fresh from our dry cleaner, packed and ready to wear.


Most of our dresses are budget-friendly and available to rent for a price between € 55,- and €85,- for a duration of three days. Our collection also includes a number of even more exclusive dresses, available to rent for prices that run from € 85,-. Dry cleaning is included.

rental period

The standard rental period is three days, but it’s of course possible to extend.

For each additional day, we charge an extra 10% of the original rental price. This makes it possible to rent a dress for as long as you want and even take one with you on your next holiday.

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The Attico - Giuseppe di Morabito -  Gauge 81 - Rotate Birger Christensen - Zhivago - Retrofete, Balmain - Ronny Kobo - Nadine Merabi & Ganni.